Poetry is more than words - it's music, mind pictures, a sense-of, an inkling, a savour.

It's one of several arts I practise.

Not unlike painting - often very like painting. 

Or creating a garden: that too is about just-so placement.

Like either of those, it's always a work in progress.

Left to my own devices, I would keep changing, remodeling, updating.

But the painting is sold.

The garden's owner is content.

The poem is published...

and its life now depends entirely on its reader's reaction: your interaction with it.

The moment you read it - read it as you - you are giving it new and different life.


Poems on this website have been published online, in print magazines or anthologies

or are part of my first collection In|Between (Stairwell Books).



I offer them as seeds,  prods (look - differently!),  as stranger roads to follow  - or whatever the reader

might need them to be.